Places to Tour

Photo: Sarah Dunlap

The Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area is the fifth-largest national park in the eastern United States, but that’s not what makes it unique. Its geological makeup is what truly makes this national park stand out. It’s been called Utah of the East, and Utah with trees. Once you’ve spent some time exploring it, you’ll understand why. The Cumberland Mountains, meanwhile, are an off-road enthusiast’s paradise. The North Cumberland Wildlife Management Area is the second-largest contiguous tract of public property in Tennessee, behind Cherokee National Forest, and Brimstone Recreation has been called the nation’s top destination for ATV riders. Scott County is also home to the Museum of Scott County — America’s first and only museum to be designed, built and curated by students.

Come explore our neck of the woods! Whether loud pipes and the smell of exhaust is your idea of relaxation, or you like things a little more peaceful and quiet, you’ll find a spot to hang out in our back yard.