Jeff and Michelle Owens ride in a side-by-side ATV in the Cumberland Mountains | Photo: Brimstone Recreation.

Our Pastimes

Scott Countians have long enjoyed a simple way of life that revolves around the rivers and mountains in our backyard. Folks here aren’t unaccustomed to hard work. But when the work day is through, they have long picked up their fishing tackle to head to their favorite fishing holes, or saddled up their horse for a leisurely ride through the back-country.

Recreation here has always revolved around the ample opportunities to enjoy nature and the great outdoors. In recent years, others have begun to learn about the many recreation opportunities available here that were long a secret. From a dip in the cool, pristine waters of our rivers to a hike along the rugged Big South Fork backcountry to a four-wheeler ride across the Cumberland Mountains, these are the things that we enjoy.

Make the trek to Scott County and you’ll probably encounter us at our favorite swimming holes, picnic areas and trails. It’s a way of life we hold dear…but we’re willing to share.