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HUNTSVILLE, Tenn. — We want you to enjoy riding your ATV in Scott County — safely and responsibly!

The following guide will help you understand where you can and can’t ride ATVs in Scott County, and the responsibilities that come with both.

The Scott County Sheriff’s Department and Tennessee Highway Patrol will provide law enforcement efforts throughout the community on event weekends. ATV riders who speed, ride without a helmet or drive under the influence could be subject to citation. To help you enjoy your visit to Scott County more fully, without the risk of a ticket, we offer the following information, which are answers to commonly asked questions.

Green: Roads can be ridden on any day of the year, no time restrictions.
Red: Roads can be ridden on any day of the year, daylight hours only.
Blue: Roads can be ridden on two select weekends per year only. Info below.

What roads in Scott County are open to ATVs?

• River Road
• Litton Covered Bridge
• Jeffers Road
• Winona Road
• Cordell Road
• Bull Creek Road
• Byrges Creek Road
• Hurricane Road
• Mill Branch Road
• Norma Road
• Smokey Creek Road
• Shea Road
• Bowling Town Road
• Brimstone Road
• Lone Mountain Road
• Low Gap Road
• Old Jamestown Road
• Old Brimstone Road
• Glasshouse Road
• O&W Road

Additionally, any other road inside the city limits of the Town of Huntsville is open to ATVs under the same restrictions as the roads listed above.

Also, ATVs are permitted on S.R. 63 from its intersection with U.S. Hwy. 27 to its intersection with S.R. 456 through the Town of Huntsville on two weekends each year. These weekends are determined by resolution of the Huntsville Mayor & Board of Aldermen. Currently, those two weekends are Memorial Day weekend and the third weekend of September (Friday-Sunday).

When can ATVs be ridden?

On any public street in Scott County on which ATVs are permitted, the hours for riding are restricted to 30 minutes after sunrise until 30 minutes prior to sunset. Riding after dark is prohibited. The lone exception is O&W Road from its intersection with Verdun Road to its terminus in the Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area. There is no time restrictions for O&W Road.

But the concert doesn’t end until after dark!?

Unfortunately, state law stipulates that riders must be off the streets by 30 minutes prior to sunset. The Scott County Adventure Tourism Committee is working with state legislators in hopes of relaxing that law; however, Scott County is currently bound by the framework of the state law.

So what are the requirements?

The usual — no speeding, no reckless driving, no open containers, no driving under the influence. Basically, if it applies to a “regular” vehicle, it applies to an ATV. As such, if your side-by-side is equipped with seatbelts, you’re required to wear them.

What about helmets?

This is a source of major confusion. Tennessee state law stipulates that all riders under the age of 18 must wear a helmet. On off-road trails, riders over the age of 18 can wear helmets at their own discretion. However, on any public road, such as the ones listed above, every ATV operator and passenger must wear an approved helmet.

Is there a permit requirement?

Currently, there is no permit requirement to ride on any of the public roads in Scott County where ATV traffic is authorized. Scott County’s Board of County Commissioners is currently considering a local law that would open more roads to ATVs while requiring a $10 annual permit to ride, but that law has not yet been passed.

What about parking? 

There are no public parking areas. Some businesses allow parking. However, please be courteous of our businesses and respect their wishes! Brimstone Recreation and Trails End Campground can provide more information about parking availability for their customers.

Need help?

For general information, please contact the Scott County Visitor Center, 423-663-6900. For emergencies, please contact the Scott County Sheriff’s Department, 423-663-2545, or dial 9-1-1.

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