Polaris Motorsports: ‘Falling in love’ with Brimstone


Polaris Motorsports on why they brought Camp RZR to the eastern U.S.:

Greg Love with Brimstone Recreation said this is the largest event Scott County has ever hosted, with the expectation of at least 20,000 people coming in from several states.

“This is good for our restaurants, our hotels, our stores, and just putting people to work. We’ve put a lot of people to work here, so it’s had a huge economic impact on our area,” Love explained.

Polaris has only hosted events like this in California, but this time they wanted to get back to the East side of the country for a different type of experience.

“We knew it was time to come back and pay a little respect to our trail customers. And after seeing a bunch of different sites, we just fell in love with Brimstone. The guys here absolutely rolled out the red carpet here for us,” Jason DiFuccia with Camp RZR said.

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