Eustace Conway to visit


Oneida, Tenn. — Eustace Conway will be featured At the Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area’s annual Haunting in the Hills storytelling festival on Saturday, Sept. 20.

Conway, a star of the History Channel’s “Mountain Men” reality show, is being hosted for the annual storytelling event by Big South Fork Outdoor Adventures, an Oneida-based outfitter that provides wagon rides in the park and other activities.

The big stage at Bandy Creek will become Conway’s platform at 3:30 p.m. on the afternoon of Sept. 20.

Conway is the owner of the 1,000-acre Turtle Island Reserve in Boone, N.C., and is considered a gifted storyteller. He has a historically-accurate farmstead with nine hand-crafted log buildings that were constructed using only the materials harvested on-site, and he trains his own mules, horses and bulls to pull logs, sleds and wagons and to plow his gardens. He set the world record for coast-to-coast horse travel, journeying from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean in 103 days. He also traveled 800 miles across the Carolinas in 21 days.

The Haunting in the Hills event features arts-and-crafts vendors and demonstrators in addition to storytellers. For more information about the storytelling festival, visit the Big South Fork’s website.

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