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There are few things more relaxing than your very own cabin in a quiet, private setting, surrounded by nature and the great outdoors.

When you’re planning your weekend visit or vacation to the Big South Fork, Brimstone, North Cumberland WMA or any other location in or around Scott County, we have a number of cabin rental companies to choose from. These cabins — almost all of them locally-owned — offer the very best in amenities and comfort to make you truly feel at home away from home.


Big South Fork Rentals — Cabin rentals near the Big South Fork NRRA. www.bigsouthforkrentals.com

M&M Rentals at Williams Creek — Cabin rentals near the Big South Fork NRRA. www.williamscreakcabins.com

Wilderness Resorts — Cabin rentals near the Big South Fork NRRA. www.wildernessresorts.com

Williams Creek Retreat — Cabin rentals near the Big South Fork NRRA. www.wcretreat.com

Cabins of Elk Run — Cabin rentals near Brimstone Recreation. www.elkruntn.com

Longhorn Ranch — Cabin rentals near the Big South Fork NRRA. www.prestions-steakhouse.com

Brimstone Retreats — Cabin rentals with direct access to Brimstone Recreation. www.brimstonerecreation.com/brimstone-retreats.php

Laurel Fork Rustic Retreat — Cabin rentals adjacent to the Big South Fork NRRA, with immediate access to equestrian trails. www.laurelfork.com

MSF Cabins — Cabin rentals near the Big South Fork NRRA. www.msfcabins.com


Grand Vista Hotel & Suites — Where you stay when you need to get away. www.grandvistahotels.com

Cornerstone Lodging — A full-service motel in Oneida. www.cornerstonelodging.com


Oneida Guest House — Spanish-style guest house in Oneida. www.oneidaguesthouse.com

Grey Gables B&B — A country bed & breakfast inn adjacent to Historic Rugby, just outside the Big South Fork NRRA. www.rugbytn.com

Trails End Campground — Full-service campground located adjacent to Brimstone Recreation. www.camptrailsend.com

Charit Creek Lodge — A backcountry lodge in the Big South Fork NRRA, accessible by foot or horseback. www.charitcreeklodge.com